The Prouty Yellow Ribbon – Support for Cancer Patients & Research

The Prouty Yellow Ribbon – Support for Cancer Patients & Research

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It’s really all about people – people with cancer.

I had the honor of leading a team of people up Kilimanjaro this past December, and we initiated a yellow ribbon program with the simple purpose honoring those who have cancer and those who have died from the disease. The response was terrific, and we took about 65 yellow ribbons up the Hill – each one a story, a story that we told as we photographed each ribbon.

Martha Hay on the Hill

A tribute to a cancer patient on Kilimanjaro

The effect on the team was overpowering – including all of the guides and porters – who quickly figured out what we were doing. They have cancer in Tanzania too. What I failed to anticipate was the impact that a simple yellow ribbon would have on a patient in treatment. When I got home, I got a note from a woman who got the photo of her ribbon back while she was in the middle of chemotherapy. She wrote to me saying,

“I want to thank you for the very special gift you gave me by your

recent climb of Mt Kilimanjaro.

When Jill sent me the picture of you holding a yellow ribbon with my

name on it I was so touched that someone would think to do that with

me in mind. It might well be the most meaningful gift anyone has ever given me…

Thank you so very much for your courageous and bold gift to me and to

 the many others who are daily living with cancer and facing it down.

 I am certain that your effort has and will continue to aid my healing.

 All the best to you and your crew.

 Keep Climbing!”


The Prouty – in all of its forms – is really all about people – people with cancer.

This year I’m asking you to sponsor a yellow ribbon. Either to honor someone battling cancer, someone in remission or in memory of someone who has died from the disease. I’ll take it on the Prouty Ultimate Bike Ride, up a 4,000 ft. mountain in New England or up Kilimanjaro – your choice.

If you can do it for someone in treatment – please do it. The palliative effect can be tremendous – and palliation can be as important as the treatment itself. If you want to support someone in treatment but are fortunate enough not to know anyone in that painful position – we’ll find someone in treatment who can use the support – there are an unfortunately large number available. Either way, you’ll be supporting people with cancer today, and providing funds to help find a cure in the future.

All ribbons sponsored between now and July 12th will go on a 200 mile bike ride with me (the Prouty Ultimate) before they head up a Hill. All Kilimanjaro ribbons will also get a little trip up a local Hill within a month – I really want to offer a series of supportive photographs for patients in treatment.

You can sponsor a ribbon directly onto the Prouty website:, or use the form attached to this email – also available on my website:

I thank you for supporting people impacted by cancer, and for contributing to the potential for a future cure.

All the Best, Wes


Wes Chapman
Written by Wes Chapman

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    October 17, 2013

    It is truly a great gift for people suffering from cancer. I wish you good luck to you and your team making cancer survivors so special and happy climbing.