Climbing Mt. Washington with Buddy Teevens

Climbing Mt. Washington with Buddy Teevens

Little Hatstack 4,780, Mt. Lincoln 5,089, & Mt. Lafayette 5,269

10.7 Miles, May 20, 2012

Mt Washington 6,288 ft.

11.2 Miles, May 21, 2012

The Prouty Mountaineering Program
(the first Prouty Challenge Event benefitting Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center)


Cannon Cliffs from Mt. Lafayette

A fine weekend for hiking

Franconia Ridge is one of the finest hikes in the White Mountains, and I got a chance to hike it last Sunday with my finicky eating friend (and dog), Mrs. Baby via the Falling Waters Trail, along the ridge and down the Old Bridal Path. Memorial Day brought with it the opportunity to hike Mt. Washington with Buddy Teevens, an old friend and Dartmouth Football coach via the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail to the Jewel Trail. Despite spending at least 15 years living in Hanover, Buddy had never been up Washington and Memorial Day is one of the few times between recruiting and coaching when he could sneak out for a day in the Hills. Buddy is a physical anomaly, able to run 11 miles up mountains, all the while consuming only a kale/salad smoothie – a concoction that looks and smells like a liquefied compost pile. It must have some type of special properties, however, because Buddy simply flies up the Hills – I’ve never seen anything like it. This was a wonderful weekend – I hope that you enjoy the photos.

Remember – just 7 months until Kilimanjaro. We hope to see you there.


Buddy Teevens at Lake of the Clouds with Mt. Washington behind


Mt. Lincoln


Mt. Lafayette


Wes & Buddy on the summit of Washington

Mrs. Baby at lunch on Lafayette


Clay, Jefferson, Adams and Madison from Washington

Lake of the Clouds and Mt. Monroe

Flume and Liberty from Little Haystack

Buddy enjoying the hike on Washington – Contemplating a composted lunch

Mt. Kinsman & Lonesome Lake from Lincoln


Adios from Mt. Washington

Wes Chapman
Written by Wes Chapman

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    May 31, 2012

    Wow what photos. Great weather for hiking and pictures!