Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with Prouty Mountaineering

Climbing Kilimanjaro – the Main Event
The Prouty Mountaineering Program
(the first Prouty Challenge Event benefitting Dartmouth-HitchcockNorris Cotton Cancer Center)
March 7, 2012
Wes Chapman
The concept at the heart of The Prouty is simple – get peopleto engage in the outdoors and raise money to fight cancer for ourNCI-designated comprehensive cancer center, the Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Over the last several years I’vedrifted more into the hills and mountains of the Northeast, and thenincreasingly around the world. I absolutely love doing it, but I want to makeit more than just climbing mountains – I wanted to make ahiking/climbing/mountaineering program part of the Prouty. After all AudreyProuty (for whom the event is named) was from Warren, NH – home of Mt.Moosilauke – and I’m sure that she would have whole-heartily approved.
Sunriseon Kilimanjaro
We’ve been talking with the folks at The Prouty about kickingoff a hike/climb/mountaineering program with a bang – a climb up Mt.Kilimanjaro in December of 2012. This will be a first class trip, and we areassembling a terrific team of guides and trip leaders to ensure that everyonehas a safe and fun time. We thought that you might be interested in learning alittle more about this adventure, and perhaps joining us to kick off theinaugural expedition.
The trip is scheduled for December 12-22 of 2012, and willhave the team from East Africa Voyages, a great outfitter that I have climbedwith before: Theguys that run this are NOLS trained and have also guided Dartmouth Alumni tripsup Kilimanjaro in the past. They have a great reputation, and even bring alonga hyperbaric chamber in case of a real problem on the Hill.
Seke Godsonand Wes at the Summit
Joining us on the climb will be one Dartmouth undergraduate,John Thompson D’13, and one graduate student, Kelly Michaelson D’06, DMS ‘16who are both trip leaders for the Dartmouth Outing Club. JT is from Madison, WIand majoring in Earth Sciences(glaciology in particular) which means his “schoolwork” has included trekkingthrough the high Andes near the Quelccaya ice cap, skiing and climbing onDenali and Mt. Hunter, and fending off polar bears on the North Ice Cap ofGreenland! Kelly hails from Buffalo, NY and as a fifthstudent year in the Dartmouth M.D./Ph. D program is currently working on a Ph.D. at the Thayer School of Engineering aimedat developingbetter breast cancer screening methods.  
            Kelly Michaelsen                                                                                              John Thompson
These folks areextremely well qualified, WFR certified and experienced at altitude, will bejoining us to help with logistics and guiding, and should be a great additionto the trip.
The cost for the program is $7,500 per person, plus airfare.This is a terrific price relative to other charity-sponsored trips, is about2/3 tax deductible, and includes two nights of hotel accommodations prior tothe climb and one night afterward. The total team for the climb will be 12-15people and family groups are greatly encouraged. We want to make sure thateverybody is fit enough to be successful in the climb. This is not a difficultclimb – it is more of a walk up – but is really high (19,338 feet), whichalways presents a physiological challenge.
We hope to have a website up and running the end of March toassist in communication and fundraising for those who are inclined to help growthe Prouty through outside fund solicitation – something that we wholeheartedlyencourage. We have a fairly active program doing preparation hikes going, andyou can follow our progress on my blog,!/2012/02/northkinsman-4293-ft.html. We havedone 10 preparatory hikes to date, and will do at least 20 more before theactual climb. For people who would like to come with us to Kilimanjaro butaren’t sure if they are up to the physical challenge, I am happy to take youout for a weekend of hiking to figure out if a Kilimanjaro trip makes sense,and if you need to do some training to get ready, help design a trainingprogram. For people without much of a mountaineering CV, I’d like to go on ahike with you this summer to make sure that a Kilimanjaro hike is a reasonableundertaking – the whole idea is to have fun.
Mt. Meruframed by Glaciers in the Kilimanjaro Crater
Based on initial expressions of interest, this climb may fillup pretty quickly, so if you are interested, send back your completed r.s.v.p (below)right away—to—and we’ll be back in touch.
Climbing the Barranco Wall
This is a trip of a lifetime and we are delightedwith the prospect of not only the development of The Prouty to include afirst-rate mountaineering program, but we will all be making a significantcontribution to the fight against cancer by raising money for Norris CottonCancer Center.
(Cutand paste answers to the questions below into an email and send to
Contact info to send more information as it becomes available—especiallywhen the website goes live.
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Your level of interest in The Reach for the Peaks kick-off hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro is
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2)      REALLY interested but would need to know more 
3)      Everyone’s gotta dream, and who knows? Keep you on your list
What kind of climbingexperience do you have?
Would you be interested in participating in the ongoing trainingsessions?

Do you have family members who might also be interested in signingup? How many?
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Wes Chapman
Written by Wes Chapman

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