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Climbing Moosilauke in Inclement Weather

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November 24, 2013

Wes Chapman

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Preface: Reach for the Peaks is a Prouty Challenge Event, raising money (Donate Here*) to fund cancer care and research at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth. Once again I had the pleasure of climbing Moosilauke with a terrific team of past and future Kilimanjaro climbers. The weather was a little sketchy, but the team was delightful. Mixing it up, Audrey Kern and I wrote a little sonnet to immortalize the event. (Please forgive the shortcomings in Iambic Pentameter.) Stay tuned for more Kili blogs over the next 8 weeks – we’re headed up to the roof of Africa!


A Cool and Breezy Climb


Leaving our beds, we fled the Valley below,

For the summit of frozen Moosilauke,

Braving the gale force wind and blowing snow,

It was a chance to train and a chance to talk.

We made an eclectic, fearless, rugged crew

Our bundled band pressed on and bravely persevered.

Audrey, Jill & Gary, with Allan, Hannah and Roo,

Climbed Glenn Cliff trail ‘til the summit ridge we cleared

Despite the Raging Wind*, our lips too cold to speak

Stumbling like drunken sailors in the gale

We persevered, and finally Reached the Peak*

Our faces, if frozen, were ghastly pale

Victorious!  (neither too warm nor too chilly)

We cheered “If we can do this, we can sure do Kili!”

Audrey Kern & Wes Chapman,

(With apologies to the Immortal Bard)

(* Click for Video)

Hannah on Moosilauke

Hannah Green enjoying a fine November day

Hannah & Roo at the base

Roo & Hannah – of the NMH Ski Team


Audrey enjoying the climb up

Gary & Jill After the Climb

Gary & Jill after the summit


Allan headed up

Summit Team A

Audrey, Gary & Jill at the Summit

Summit Team Blue

Hannah, Roo & Audrey staying warm on a breezy summit

Yellow ribbons fly

From the roof of Africa

We salute you all

Kili Summit

Last Year’s Team On the Roof of Africa with Yellow Ribbons

Multiple Summit clouds at sunrise

Adios, from Kileman-Jaro

Wes Chapman
Written by Wes Chapman

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  1. Avatar
    November 28, 2013

    Love it – congratulations to all those taking part in a wonderful cause!


  2. Avatar
    November 28, 2013

    I stayed in bed.
    Resting my head.
    And my injured shoulder.
    That was my excuse.
    To avoid such abuse.
    And the mountain that was so much colder.