Chapman Strategy & Quality LLC

I work with clients to create value through patient centric care – with 3 key elements: 1) Quality improvement, 2) Physician Alignment, and 3) Payment reform. From a clinical perspective, I focus on medical oncology, and integrated patient care.

I have been using Lean six sigma and ISO 9001 techniques in combination for two decades to improve quality. For the last 12 years I’ve been working exclusively in healthcare – with a relentless focus on the only things that matter – value creation for the patient through better outcomes and lower cost.

From a practical perspective, aligning physicians and hospitals with patient goals is a necessary precursor to reducing complexity and improving quality. There are many tools today to make this happen (CMAs, CINs etc.), and I help clients use them in strategic applications to help “get everyone on the same page” with the patient.

Finally, payment reform is a critical element that rewards providers for better care – and is absolutely essential to maintain and enhance the financial and viability of providers. Integrating quality, alignment and payment reform is the essential strategic foundation of services that I offer for clients.

If this approach makes sense, and you would like to think about positive change any or all of these three areas, please let me know – perhaps I can help.